pre workout meal for weight loss


The pre-workout meal is the meal that you eat before you start your workout. This is generally followed to gain energy before you start your exercise. Fuelling your body before starting your workout helps you build muscle and burn fat.


Why do we need to eat something when our aim is to lose weight? There are benefits by following a pre-workout meal. Weight loss needs a lot of energy to gain the result. If you are aiming for workouts like cardio, first you have to have the energy to complete it. So what are the benefits of a pre-workout meal?

  •  Reduce protein breakdown
  •  Faster muscle recovery
  •  Increase workout performance
  •  Get more energy to workout



Well, pre-workout diet is not just eating something before exercising. There are some foods which are to be avoided and some of which are to be included. Following are the foods that can be taken before your workout.pre workout meal

  • Fruit Smoothies
  •  Bananas
  • Caffeine
  • High Protein Oat Meal
  • Wholegrain, Sweet Potato, and Brown Rice
  • Greek Yogurt and Dried Fruit
  •  Vegetables
  • Apple wedges and peanut butter
  •  Omelet
  •  Protein Bars, Protein shakes.

                 Make sure you have a balance of both carbohydrates and proteins. Weight loss can be achieved by burning fat and gaining muscle. So you need to add more proteins to your body in order to strengthen your muscles.


Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats these are the three major nutrients that you should consider in every meal you take.
If the intake of fats is more in your diet before your workout, you will feel more heavy and lazy to workout. So, avoid fat as much as possible.
When your energy is used up, the body breaks down the hard-earned muscle to utilize amino acids, hence resulting in the prevention of muscle growth. Proteins contain amino
acids. Good amount of Proteins before a workout prevents muscle breakdown and helps in muscle recovery and growth.
Similarly, Carbohydrates gives you glucose which helps in more amount of energy. Make sure to have carbohydrates 2-3 hours before your workout. Slow release of energy obtained from carbohydrates helps you to exercise for a longer time as well as fewer chances of fall in blood sugar levels.


This depends on how much time you have before your workout. If you have less than an hour, consume something that is lighter and can be digested easily by your body. Fruits, smoothies, Protein bars are the good choices and are generally preferred if you got less than an hour before your workout.

If you have 2-3 hours, consume a meal that has a good amount of proteins (around 20g) and carbohydrates (20-30 g) as well as calories around 400-500.

have 2-3 hours, consume a meal that has a good amount of proteins (around 20g) and carbohydrates (20-30 g) as well as calories around 400-500.

                                                                 Quick Tips:

  • Drink water and be hydrated.
  • Make sure to have 20-30 minutes gap between meal and exercise.
  • Do not starve to lose weight instead give the right nutrition to your body.
  • Carbohydrates such as fruits (200gm) or dates (50gm) with some pro-biotic and 10
    soaked and peeled almonds. (Easy and suggested by nutritionists).
  •  Consume proteins to build muscle.


Hope this tips will help you to have a better workout and better results. If you have any
more suggestions and questions do comment below .