Home Made Hair Conditioner


Home Made Hair Conditioner

Homemade hair conditioner, Conditioning your hair is the most important thing when you want to have silky and shiny hair. Conditioning is the only thing you can do to protect your hair. Conditioner not just helps you to get silky and smooth hair but also helps to grow your hair and increase its texture. Conditioning your hair on regular basis helps you to prevent your hair from split ends.

So, let us make a homemade hair conditioner with 2 ingredients.

All you need is Aloe Vera gel and Vitamin ‘E’ capsules to prepare this Homemade hair conditioner.


  • All you need is Aloe Vera gel and Vitamin ‘E’ capsules.
  • Take a cup of Aloe Vera gel. To make it at home, cut an Aloe vera leaf and extract the gel from it.
  • Add 3 capsules of Vitamin ‘E’ into it. (You can get them at a nearby Cosmetic store or Medical shop. Cut the tip of a capsule and squeeze out the liquid in it.)
  • Mix them well and apply it to hair. (The quantities mentioned are for medium hair)
  • Wait for 20 minutes and rinse it off with Luke warm water.


You can store this Homemade hair conditioner for a week in the fridge and use it as per need. It is ideal to use this homemade conditioner twice a week for healthy, smooth and shiny hair. Aloe Vera helps to condition your hair by retaining the moisture in it. Aloe Vera has strong anti-fungal characteristics which help you to get rid of dandruff. Vitamin ‘E’ capsules have antioxidants that helps to repair and build tissue. It helps you to protect your hair from all kinds of