Top 3 Exercises to Burn Calories

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Here are the top 3 forms of exercises which help you to Burn calories faster and help you in getting the perfect shape you want.
                Running is one the simplest easy form of exercise that burns more calories in very less time. All you need is a good pair of shoes and space to go for a run. It is inexpensive too with a lot of benefits. A person of 130 pounds can burn around 110 calories in 10 minutes with a normal pace.

           Running is the best form of cardio to opt when it comes to weight loss((burn calories). But make sure that you stretch your legs before you begin running as it lessens the chance of injury during the workout.

burn calories .transfomtuffCLIMBING STAIRS:
It looks to be funny and many of us do not consider it as a form of exercise. But Climbing stairs is one of the efficient exercises to burn calories faster and sweat more. We can burn around 120 calories in just 9 minutes when we climb stairs.  Because our body will be able to release more carbon dioxide from our body thereby decreasing the size of the fat cells.
burn calories transfomtuffBICYCLING:
Bicycling is the best form of exercise to burn calories without hurting yourself. It is the best one in the long run as it burns calories and also does not harm joints in the legs. It burns a bit fewer calories when compared with running and climbing stairs but indeed a best one to opt for people of all ages. Bicycling burns around 80-90 calories for a session of 10 minutes.