People often ask the question, why am I not losing my weight? There might be many reasons why people are not losing weight. Let us observe each of them for a better understanding.

Having Calorie Dense Food:

Calories are the major cause of fat. Having 3500 calories of food will let you gain 1 pound of weight. So, it is not about the portion but about the calories in the food you have. 1 Kg of watermelon contains 300 calories whereas a scoop of ice cream contains around 347 calories. Choose wise and cut down on the extra calories.

Sedentary Lifestyle:

A lifestyle where you have very less movement of your body can be referred to as Sedentary. In this case, the metabolism rate is very low. So, make sure that you have a walk or stretch in the place you are sitting at least once in a while. You can make small changes like taking stairs instead of a lift to increase your metabolism.

Overestimate what you Burn:

Sometimes, we workout for a few minutes but assume that we have burned many calories and have a large quantity of food. So, make sure that you measure your calories right.

You are not tracking your Intake:

Many of us make a mistake by not maintaining a Food Journal. In fact, maintaining a food journal can be a key to weight loss. Writing down all the foods we have can help in warning you to consume less. So, maintain a food journal and track your Intake.

Don’t underestimate calories in Alcohol:

Alcohol is made up of sugar and starch. A 1.5 ounce shot of alcohol can contain around 100
calories. Make sure that you have them in a limit.

You are only weighing not Measuring:

This is one of the blunders we all do. Never weigh yourself instead measure. You many not lose
your weight but might have lost inches. Our weight can be because of muscles, fat or bones. So,
make a note that weight loss is not about decreasing your pounds but decreasing your size.

  • In addition to these major reasons, we have some other which can also be a reason for not losing
  •  Underestimating the weight of food.
  •  Not having enough protein.
  •  Eating back your exercise calories.
    So, have a look on all the above criteria’s and move forward to achieve your goals.